Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Broker Diane Turton says, “Timing is everything when it comes to selling a home. We explain to our customers that the promise is simple – the right home buyer comes along, sees your house, says ‘I love the home’ and makes an immediate offer.”There are four reasons why the holidays are an excellent time to sell your home. A seller should either list their home, or keep their home listed during a holiday. Texas is a popular area right now for re-locator’s and investors. Dallas Realtors have been quite busy the past few weeks. The number of Dallas homes for sale has increased and is expected to even more in the New Year.

Here are the four reasons why a home sells during a holiday:

A home usually looks its best during a holiday. Houses look inviting, warm and welcoming when they are decorated for a holiday. Familiar holiday scents and sights can actually entice buyers to purchase your home.

There is less competition in the real estate market during a holiday. This means that your home has a better chance of being seen by a potential buyer.

Buyers who are very serious about purchasing a home will shop during a holiday. So a seller will receive a more serious and attractive offer.

The best time for a buyer to “see themselves in a home” is during a holiday. There is an incredibly strong connection between holidays and home. A buyer even in late January is filled with images of home, friends and family.

So, it is very “doable” to sell your home any time of year, even during a holiday.