Print Media Myths

Why You Should Not Use Print Media Ads to Sell Your Home

Did you know that an advertisement in a form of print media is an ineffective way to sell your home? A real estate agent or a broker, who places an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, is not trying to sell your home, but instead they are trying to generate leads through your property. Did you know that fewer than three out of one-hundred homes that are advertised are sold because of the advertisement? This is a startling realization for a homeowner who is selling their home.

There is only one reason why a real estate agent or a broker will spend over one-thousand dollars a month advertising your home in different forms of print media. This type of agent or broker is only trying to create more leads for themselves, instead of focusing on selling your home. In home trade magazines or publications the MLS advertisements can claim anything, such as “the #1 agent”, but oftentimes not one sale is generated from this type of advertisement.

So why are print media advertisements ineffective at selling homes? The reason for this is because most people, after viewing one home, comparison shop and end up purchasing a different house in the end. So real estate agents and brokers that run a print media advertisement does so specifically to get people to call them, who are looking to sell or buy a home. Home trade publications and magazines are used for this same purpose by many real estate agents and brokers.

It is estimated that only three percent of potential home buyers purchase a property that they had initially become interested in due to an advertisement. Ninety-seven percent of home buyers end up purchasing a home that is shown to them by a real estate agent, or a broker. The initial call for this staggering 97% was promoted from the advertisement.

A potential home buyer, when interviewed by lenders and real estate agents, said that as they were shopping for a home they found out that they were qualified financially for a lower or higher priced home. Oftentimes a potential home buyer who responds to a print media advertisement realizes that the home they initially looked at did not meet their specific requirements. In conclusion, a print media advertisement is not an effective way to sell a home

The Truth about Direct Mailing

So what is a direct mailing? A direct mailing is a type of advertisement that is a way in which a real estate agent announces that they have a new piece of property that is newly available on the market. There are some agents who even go as far as to use other agents’ sales to make themselves look more impressive on a direct mailing advertisement. Much like an open house, a direct mailing is not an effective way to sell a house.

A direct mailing is designed to generate, for a real estate agent, potential home buyers and sellers. Potential clients are encouraged to contact the listing real estate agent. So, do not be fooled by a real estate agent that encourages a direct mailing. A more effective way to sell your home is simply by placing a “For Sale” sign in the front yard.