Area Specialist

What is the Area Specialist?

We have all seen advertisements for an “Area Specialist”, so what does this term mean? There is not an official title given by the Department of Real Estate. In fact, this is a title that a real estate agent can “coin” for the areas that they specialize in. In other words, anyone can be an Area Specialist, there are no special classes or training that is needed to covet this title.

There are only a few real estate agents that actually establish themselves in a certain geographical area. These are the only true Area Specialists. It does not matter if your Realtor is an “Area Specialist” or not, this is not a title that sells homes. A buyer is brought to a “home for sale” through the buyer’s agent. The buyer’s agent can be located anywhere.

Many home sellers believe that an Area Specialist will know where to find a buyer, because the agent is familiar with the neighborhood. This is a statement that is far from the truth. It is estimated that most home buyers are from different neighborhoods and parts of town. A buyer can be from any area in the country and will be working with their own exclusive buyer’s agent.

If you want to find out what pieces of property the Area Specialist has actually sold, you can ask the Area Specialist to show you an MLS print-out that covers all of their real estate transactions for one year. Both the selling and listing agent’s name will be on the MLS print-out. The answer is clearly focused, in black and white; an Area Specialist does not sell homes.

The Truth about the Home Profile Book

A Home Profile Book is a type of publication that is designed to impress a home owner. The Home Profile Book is used as a tool to obtain new potential clients and listings. This type of publication has nothing, at all, to do with the selling of your home. In fact, there are real estate trainers that hold seminars across the country which instruct real estate agents in how to create an impressive Home Profile Book.

A Home Profile Book is only successful at selling a home that is in excellent condition and is both properly staged and priced. The Home Profile Book is just a grand way for a real estate agent to receive more potential listings. A Home Profile Book, which is never handed out to every potential home buyer, is only used as a tool to impress certain individuals. These types of publications are very expensive. Did you realize that the average purchaser of a home is shown up to thirty homes in one weekend? This does not leave any free time to pursue the real estate agent’s Home Profile Book.

The Home Profile Book may show pictures of your home’s backyard, neighboring schools, and emergency phone numbers and commute times, but these things do not sell a home. A home sells itself with the help of a professional, experienced real estate agent. Save yourself both the time and the money that is wasted in producing Home Profile Books. There are better ways to advertise and to sell your home.