The Major “Selling Your Home” Myths

There are five major mistakes that sellers make, when they are trying to sell their home. For example, a seller may not take the time to find a reputable, reliable agent, or they might fall for advertising and marketing scams. Make sure that you do not make any of the common mistakes that many other sellers make when selling a home or property.

Do Not Fall for Marketing Plans

It is important, as a home seller that you do not fall for seemingly impressive marketing plans to sell your home. It is estimated that ninety-five percent of homes are sold when listed with a local Multiple Listing Service, not through a grandiose marketing plan. Do not waste your time or money on these types of marketing and advertising scams that have nothing to do with the sale of your home.

Do not be fooled by Print Media Ads

One of the most popular misconceptions is that a print media advertisement helps to sell a home. This is far from the truth. This type of advertisement is used to generate more potential leads for your real estate agent to take advantage of in the future. Learn more …….

Open Houses: A Major Scam

Did you realize that only three percent of homes sell as a direct result of an “Open House?” An Open house is not an effective way to sell your home; this is a marketing tool that is used to generate a broader clientele base for a real estate agent. An “Open house” is not an effective way to sell your home. Learn more ……

The Area Specialist

An Area Specialist is not a real estate agent that will sell your home any faster. In fact, most buyers purchase a home that is in a different neighborhood, city, state or country then were they currently reside. An Area Specialist is just a title that many real estate agents “coin”. Do not be fooled by these two words. Learn more……

Not the Office with More Agents

A real estate agent works as an “Independent Contractor”, so regardless of how large a real estate firm is, or how many agents the real estate firm employs it will not result in any measurable beneficial difference. In fact, a larger firm may complicate the sale of your home. A real estate agent needs to be experienced, skilled and trained in certain areas, not employed with a large real estate firm or office. Even though we have over 100 agents 🙂 Learn more ……