Seller Listing Options

Plan A – FSBO $500 Flat Fee MLS Listing

The perfect listing program for FSBO’s. You have the best of both worlds, MLS exposure and the flexibility and savings of selling FSBO.

  • A listing on the REALTOR’s® Multiple Listing Service(MLS).
  • A listing to reach millions of potential buyers.
  • Displayed on 1,000s of real estate websites that display the MLS.
  • Up to 25 photos of your home displayed on the MLS and the other real estate sites taken by you.
  • Use of a combo key lock box for secure hassle-free agent showings.VIP Realty Discount Real Estate Listing

Plan B – Full Service $2,000 Flat Fee Listing

Upgrade to our most popular package. Includes everything above, plus full representation in every detail of the transaction.

  • Market evaluation and consultation with seller to set sales price, Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Professional yard sign installed and delivered.
  • Centralized Showing Service (CSS) to schedule appointments directly with you when agents request to see your home
  • Agent feedback via CSS email on showings, allowing you to better assess your home and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Use of Supra lock box for secure hassle-free agent showings.
  • Up to 25 photos of your home displayed on the MLS and the other real estate websites
  • Make sure inspection, option period, financing and closing is accomplished during the time frame of contract.
  • Negotiate repairs by buyer after option period.
  • MLS exposure – photograph and detailed description of property.
  • Assisting with buyer/seller negotiations.
  • Assisting with preparation of documentation relevant to the sale of the property.
  • Intermediary handling of contract and funds with escrow agent (title company.)
  • Assuring all terms of contract including time frames are complied with.
  • Follow up with buyers lender to ensure financing is in place

Monitoring inspections, re-inspections, agreements between buyer and seller as to repairs needed and assurance of compliance with all agreements prior to closing. This is the same marketing we offer our 6% sellers at VIP Realty!

Plan C – 1.5% Listing Program

Don’t want to pay an upfront fee? No problem, VIP Realty will list your home for 1.5% listing commission due at closing.

We're backed by the Premier Firm in real estate, VIP Realty with over 100 Realtors Strong! Same company, totally different prices.

With our Full Service Flat Fee option, your SAVINGS on a $300,000 home would be an impressive $7,500!!


We Charge:

Lower Commissions resulting in more negotiating power for you to get your home sold fast & for top dollar!

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