Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

To sell or not to sell – that is the question! Selling your home is, as we all know, a stressful experience and not to be taken lightly. There are a number of good reasons and some that are not so good to consider selling your home. Before making the commitment to sign a contract with a real estate agent, consider your reasons to determine if renovations or redecorating may solve the problem.

Some life situations cannot be solved by making changes to your home since these factors are beyond your control and a move would make sense:

• You have changed your job and the commute is very time consuming and inconvenient.
• You and your spouse have divorced and selling is a legal necessity.
• Your children are grown and have moved out; the house is too large and there are too many rooms to manage.
• The house is too small due to increased family size.
• Maintenance of home and yard is too physically demanding.
• You do not feel safe in your home as the area has become run-down.

The following reasons are matters of choice as opposed to necessity:

• Your income has increased and you want to move to a bigger home in a more expensive area.
• You would like to have different amenities in your house.
• You prefer to live closer to family or friends.
• You believe you can sell your home at a large profit and want to make money.

Making a list of the pros and cons of selling your home and then considering how you can make changes to your liking can help you decide if there are enough factors to stay or go.