San Jose

ClientSide Realty Offers San Jose Buyers and Sellers Unique Savings

San Jose is known across the world as the hub of the Silicon Valley, and for good reason. This dynamic California city is home to more than 6,600 technology companies, making it the center of all things ground breaking.

San Jose, in addition to being a business-friendly city (it employs more than 250,000 people in the technology sector alone), is a popular destination for tourists seeking the warm weather, blue skies and the area’s seemingly endless cultural and recreational fair. The revitalized downtown area, in fact, has become a popular destination for individuals seeking world-class shopping and dining.

In addition to its business and employment opportunities, and of course it’s amazing surroundings, San Jose has become a popular place to call home because of its ethnically diverse population and its low crime rate. In fact, San Jose has the nation’s best public safety record of any metropolitan area.

Discount Real Estate Brokers

If you are looking to buy or sell in San Jose, and you want to save money along the way, it may be time to discover the beauty of ClientSide Realty, San Jose’s discount real estate brokerage. ClientSide Realty, the discount arm of VIP Realty, is committed to saving both buyers and sellers money throughout the home buying process.
Its two wildly popular programs, the Flat Fee MLS Listing program and the Cash Back Rebate program, have changed the way people think about the real estate industry, and the standards which we have all assumed are unchanging. In fact, you could say that ClientSide Realty has turned real estate standards on their heads.

Flat Fee MLS Listings

If you are selling your home, you no doubt have discovered the reality that you could end up paying thousands of dollars in realtor commissions. ClientSide Realty, however, has changed the way of doing business; instead allowing you, the seller, to sell your home yourself and eliminate shelling out thousands of dollars in process.
The Flat Fee MLS Listing program is quite simple, as it allows sellers to sell their San Jose homes on their own, yet still receive the same exposure they would have received using the services of a realtor. Because most sellers pay out a whopping six percent of the purchase price of their home in realtor commissions (half to the buyer’s agent and half to the seller’s agent), it is possible to eliminate the need to pay a seller’s agent commission and save yourself thousands of dollars in the process.!

Real Estate Buyer Rebates

Buyers seeking to purchase San Jose real estate can also benefit from the services of ClientSide Realty through the Cash Back Rebate program. This program, which is aimed at sellers who want to find their next San Jose home on their own, is designed to put cash back into their pockets. The cash back rebate program works like this: you find the San Jose home of your dreams on your own, list ClientSide Realty as the exclusive buyer agent, and receive one-and-a-half percent cash back on the purchase price of your home! What better way to see a little cash return to your pocket when buying a home!