Los Angeles

ClientSide Realty Helps Los Angeles Buyers and Sellers Save Money

Los Angeles is arguably one of the country’s most exciting cities. And the sheer size of this city (it currently has the largest population in California and has the second largest population in the nation, second only to New York City) makes it certainly one of the most well-known.

Los Angeles, famously called the “City of Angels,” is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country, and is a mecca for arts and entertainment. As such it is often referred to as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” In addition to film and music, Los Angeles is also a hub for international business and trade and is a leader in science and technology. Because of this, Los Angeles has been ranked as the third richest city in the world.

From world-class shopping and culture to entertainment and education, Los Angeles is where people strive to achieve and is certainly where dreams can come true.

Discount Real Estate Brokers

Buying and selling real estate in Los Angeles has never been more exciting, thanks to the discount real estate brokerage services of ClientSide Realty. ClientSide Realty, the discount arm of VIP Realty, is working to save Los Angeles buyers and sellers thousands of dollars through its two widely popular programs: the Flat Fee MLS Listing program and the Cash Back Rebate program.

Flat Fee MLS Listing Program

If you could save thousands of dollars when selling your home (and pocket your savings or use them for negotiation power), would you? Of course! You therefore owe it to yourself to understand the many advantages of ClientSide Realty’s Flat Fee MLS Listing program.

The program works like this: you sell your home yourself, without a realtor, and pay ClientSide Realty a small, flat fee to list your home on the MLS (the same service real estate agents use to list their homes). This service provides you with the exposure you need to sell your home, yet eliminates the need to hire a seller’s agent; who, no doubt, would take a percentage of the sales price of your home as a commission.

If you sell your home for $200,000, for example, you realtor commissions could likely equal about six percent, half of which goes to a seller’s agent. Three percent of $200,000 is $6,000; all of which you can keep in your own pocket if you forgo the services of a seller’s agent and instead opt to list your home through ClientSide Realty.
Why hand over your hard-earned home equity cash to a realtor, when it is quite possible –and often quite easy – to sell your home yourself?

Real Estate Buyer’s Rebates

ClientSide Realty’s Cash Back Rebate program is a unique program that puts cash back into the pockets of buyers who find a home on their own. Simply by searching and locating a home on your own, and listing ClientSide Realty as your exclusive buyer agent, you can earn one-and-a-half percent cash back on the final purchase price of your home! And, if you purchase a home for $200,000, for example, that rebate amount equals $3,000!

Don’t be fooled by the same-old way of doing business when it comes to real estate. You could save yourself thousands by simply thinking outside the box.