El Paso

El Paso is, by most standards, a crown jewel between the United States and Mexico. El Paso, which was stumbled across by Spanish travelers who were following the winding banks of the Rio Grande all the way back in 1598, eventually became known as the “Sun City,” and for good reason.

El Paso is where traditions from Native Americans meet the Old West; where traditional Spanish culture meets the American Cowboy. It is appropriately located in West Texas, where New Mexico and Old Mexico come together, and it is where visitors can enjoy the history around them. Whether it is the Spanish missions or the historic Mission Trail, history is in full bloom in El Paso. It is where old meets new and where opportunities are as readily available as the sunshine.

El Paso has its share of historical significance, make no doubt; but it is also where millions of visitors converge to partake in everything from hiking the trails or Franklin Mountains State Park to watching the sun set while listening to the sweet sounds that reverberate from the McKellingon Canyon Amphitheatre.

If the seemingly endless vistas and the turquoise-colored skies don’t draw you in, the economy and business-friendly climate surely will. This thriving city is the dynamic center of what is now best known as the focal point of the $20 billion United States/Mexico trade industry, as well as the distribution and manufacturing industries.

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