Cash Rewards Program

Receive Cash Back From ClientSide Realty!

Did you know that you can earn a rebate of 2% just for purchasing home? ClientSide Realty is dedicated to putting extra cash into the pocket of people buying a home. Earn a real estate rebate on your home’s selling price, by participating in ClientSide Realty’s incredible Cash Back Rebate Program.

The Cash Back Rebate Program is currently offered to any person buying a home in Texas. This amazing cash-back program even includes homes that are newly constructed, or homes that are listed with a different firm of Realtors. This is an easy way to receive cash back for purchasing your dream home.

An Explanation of the Program

The Texas Buyer Rebate Program guarantees to give the buyer of the home up to 2% of the home’s selling price. In order to qualify for the program, the purchaser of the home needs to use ClientSide Realty as the exclusive buyer’s agent.

As an added bonus, ClientSide Realty does not charge any service fees when purchasing a home. The Internet provides convenience to purchaser’s who want to search for their dream home online. There are thousands of websites that enable one to access the MLS system. At ClientSide Realty we believe that a home buyer that is willing to do some of the searching should be compensated for their hard work. Anyone, who is a client of ClientSide Realty, purchasing a home in Texas, will earn a Real Estate Cash Rebate.

ClientSide Realty enjoys passing the savings on to you. If a buyer is involved actively in their house search then this saves us both money and time. The Real Estate Cash Rebate is available even if the property is listed with the MLS or is newly constructed. A seller oftentimes pays a commission to the buyer’s agent. At ClientSide Realty we accept a reduced fee and pay you the difference at the time of closing.

The amount that you receive depends on the number of homes that we show you and the purchase price of the house. To get started, feel free to perform a home search from the ClientSide Realty website. Once you find a home that you are interested in we will provide you with full services. This is an excellent program because a buyer receives our terrific services and a Real Estate Rebate. This is an amazing combination.

Does the Rebate Increase the Price of the House?

The cost of your dream home will not change. By allowing ClientSide Realty to act as your exclusive buyer’s agent, you are entitled to receive up to 2% of the total sales price back, while the purchase price of the home remains the same.

Typically, a listing agent keeps a six percent commission when a buyer approaches a house for sale independently. Therefore, having ClientSide Realty as your exclusive buyer’s agent ensures that a professional is right beside you, each step of the way.

Usually the seller pays a commission of three percent, when a home is listed for sale, to the buyer’s agent. Now, most often, the real estate agent will keep the entire amount of the commission, except at ClientSide Realty. ClientSide Realty, when named as your exclusive buyer’s agent, says thank you by giving you up to 2% Real Estate Rebate. This is a wonderful offer that puts extra cash back into your pocket.

The benefits of working with ClientSide Realty are endless. You will have a team of skilled negotiators on your side, ensuring that you get the best purchase price on your dream home. Plus ClientSide Realty’s experienced team of professionals will oversee that the transaction is handled correctly. On top of all of this, you receive a Cash Rebate.

Remember that we can show you any available property, regardless of the real estate agent or company listing the property.